Christian Dior S/S 2013

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  • 1 Marilu // 20 May, 2016 στις 01:25

    Reblogged this on and conk:mtedeOmay, usually I don’t roll with big to-do weddings, but man, this is the absolute coolest offbeat wedding I have seen in a while. Check it out! BTW, I call dibs on being Belle.

  • 2 // 20 July, 2016 στις 17:42

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    Alex –"OH yeah because if a guy can't go on about your womyn studies bs that's a deal-breaker."Since when is a conversation devoted to WS a ranging conversation? Kinda the antithesis. I was referring to politics, literature, science, religion, the evolution of languages, martial arts, art…Things I find let you judge the depth of the other's intellect.And, by the way, I can go on about woman's studies. It's just that I won't share the view of those who see it as a major. Another way to ferret out the undesirable… can they stand someone with an opposite or alternate viewpoint?


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